WATCH: Kevin McCarthy Blows Up at CNN’s Manu Raju for Asking if Trump’s ‘Kung Flu’ Slur is ‘Appropriate’


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) got visibly indignant on Thursday when a reporter tried to ask him if it’s “appropriate” for President Donald Trump to refer to the coronavirus as “the kung flu.”

During McCarthy’s weekly press conference, CNN’s Manu Raju pressed him on Trump’s repeated use of the phrase, even though the president’s administration previously decried the slur as “highly offensive.” This resulted in the question “do you think that’s an appropriate way to characterize the coronavirus?”

“Do you think that’s the most pressing issue you have about the coronavirus?” McCarthy shot back. “When we’ve just seen a spike in coronavirus, and you’re concerned about somebody and the way they named it! That’s appalling to me.”

Little reminder, that “somebody” is the president.

McCarthy went on to complain that “every time I’ve come here, you always have those type of questions.” After writing off the question completely by saying it’s “not my biggest concern,” McCarthy brought the presser to a close and walked away without answering the original question.

Watch above, via C-SPAN.

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