WATCH: Rand Paul Calls For Criminal Justice Reform Because The System is Too Hard on… Paul Manafort


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) belives Paul Manafort‘s legal troubles are so horribly unfair that there’s no choice but to remake the American justice system.

Paul shared this opinion with Neil Cavuto Monday while discussing Manafort’s alleged bank fraud, tax evasion, and the possible implications his trial will have for Robert Mueller‘s ongoing investigation. Since this doesn’t directly tie into the question of whether President Donald Trump colluded with Russia in 2016, Paul said he had “sympathy” for Manafort because the legal system might have “gone too far” to penalize him over “paperwork crimes.”

“I think we have gone crazy on criminalizing everything under the sun,” Paul said. “What happens is…he will never have physically hurt somebody, and yet, if you add up all of these things in which you are guilty, it would get six life terms.

“I think we have gone too far. We need to reassess what we do. Also, the power of the prosecutor to hold life sentences over people for non-violent paperwork crimes, and then say ‘give us somebody else,’ it’s a great incentive for people to give up somebody who might not be guilty, because they are afraid of spending their life in prison.”

The discussion went on to address the commotion over Don McGahn‘s cooperation with Mueller, which previous reports suggest might be motivated for fear of being made a scapegoat. This led to Paul saying special prosecutors have a “terrible” amount of power, and that they levy “Draconian” penalties against people. The Kentucky senator also blasted the Mueller investigation as “highly political.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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