Nicolle Wallace Lights Up Maria Bartiromo: ‘Why Don’t You Push Back’ Against Giuliani For ‘Spewing Islamophobia?’


Lost in the hysteria over Rudy Giuliani‘s stunning “truth isn’t truth” comment yesterday on Meet the Press, was another comment he made in a program which aired shortly after — the Maria Bartiromo-hosted Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News.

Ranting about former CIA Director John Brennan, President Donald Trump‘s lawyer said this:

“We can see what he did or said about Benghazi. How many lies he told about that. Plus, he claims to be a great lover of Islam, of the Islamic religion. He says the Hajj was one of the most beautiful things he ever saw. So how does all this square up?”

“When did loving Islam become something that you use as a political weapon?” Nicolle Wallace said Monday on Deadline: White House. More to the point, though, Wallace wanted to know how Maria Bartiromo could allow Giuliani to make his comments unchecked.

“What is going on with Maria Bartiromo, though?” Wallace said. “I mean, if you are a Fox News news host, and no matter what you think about right, left, Trump, anti-Trump, why don’t you push back against someone who is spewing Islamophobia on your air?”

Wallace went on to list others at the network who she believes would not have allowed Giuliani to rant without pushback.

“I would bet a lot of money that Shep Smith, Dana Perino, Bret Baier — I’m gonna put Brian Kilmeade in this category too — [would] hear an Islamophobic [rant] and at least say, What are you saying?”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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