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‘Who Killed Heather Heyer?’ CNN Panel Between Trump Supporter, Michael Eric Dyson Melts Down

Michael Eric Dyson faced off with Brunell Donald-Kyei on CNN this morning…and it quickly became an extended verbal battle about how President Trump contributed to America’s racial divisions with his handling of Charlottesville.

Dyson began the segment by saying that Republicans are “complicit” with Trump’s bigotry if they don’t stand up and denounce the president for saying both sides of last weekend’s race riots were equally blameworthy. Donald-Kyei was asked by Poppy Harlow to respond to the new anti-Trump cover from The Economist, and her answer was that Trump’s white supremacist supporters are a negligible portion of the American population, yet they are being magnified by the press.

When Harlow asked if Trump expanded racial divisions by drawing an equivalence between racists and their counter-protesters, the panel fell apart as Dyson and Donald-Kwei began fighting over whether white supremacists or Antifa behaved worse last weekend. As the “bickering” and accusations of race-baiting continued, Harlow tried to rein things in by asking Donald-Kyei a very direct question.

“Who killed Heather Heyer?”

Donald-Kyei deflected by talking about how both sides of the Charlottesville clash were armed, but she did agree with Harlow that the 32-year old legal worker was murdered by a white supremacist. As Donald-Kwei tried to talk up the president’s efforts to improve the country, she took fire from Dyson and questions from Harlow about how much good Trump can do if he’s allowing for the perpetuation of racism.

The conversation continued to dissolve even further as the three discussed Trump’s years of birthersim, hatred on both sides of the political aisle, and whether it was possible to put white supremacists and their counter-protesters on the same level of morality.

Watch above, via CNN.

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