Wolf Blitzer and Rudy Giuliani Clash Over Mueller Report: Why Didn’t People Report Contacts With Russians?


Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani joined CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for a lengthy interview on the Mueller report and the findings laid out in Bill Barr‘s letter.

Giuliani, who said on CNN last night the network should apologize for its Russia coverage, told Blitzer that “after two years of saying collusion collusion collusion… he was exonerated on collusion.”

Blitzer asked Giuliani about the overall issue of Russian interference and why Trump “refuses to still accept” it. He played the president’s infamous Helsinki comments from last year and asked, “Why won’t the president accept what his own intelligence community tells him?”

“I have no reason to believe he doesn’t accept those,” Giuliani responded.

They clashed over contacts between people on the Trump campaign and Russians during the campaign and Blitzer asked, “Does the president regret that his associates, after getting those offers, never reported those contacts to the FBI?”

Giuliani shot back, “What you’re doing is missing the forest through the trees.”

He read from Barr’s letter on Mueller’s finding on collusion. Blitzer again asked, “What about all the multiple efforts by Russian officials to try to meet with these Trump associates?… What would you have done?”

“I would have reported it,” Giuliani said, “because I would have known that that could be a potential violation of the law.”

He added that this is “a rather small point” given how Trump has been attacked with “much-exaggerated” accusations for almost two years.

You can watch that part of the lengthy interview above, via CNN.

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