‘You’re a Piece of Sh**!!’ AOC Town Hall in Queens Erupts in Chaos, Shouting Matches, Security Scuffles Over Immigration and More

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A Memorial Day weekend town hall with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) devolved into pandemonium Friday night as the crowd booed and shouted insults while she attempted to discuss her policies on immigration, Ukraine funding, and the debt limit.

The event took place in the Queens neighborhood of Corona and the venue appeared to be packed with constituents. Some in the stands held signs proclaiming, “America First,” and “Stop funding Ukraine.”

AOC attempted to discuss the debt limit before being shouted down: “We should eliminate the debt limit in the United States because of the constitutional…”

One man yelled “American citizens before migrants!” waved an American flag, and screamed, “You’re a piece of shit!” at AOC as security attempted to wrangle him away. The confrontation turned into a scuffle as the man threatened security with, “Don’t you touch me!” and “Get your hands off of me!”

Some in he crowd booed as the man was ushered out while others applauded. AOC was seen standing at the podium, smiling and saying, “Okaaaaaaay…”

“Stop this war! Are you gonna stop this war, that’s my question!” one woman shouted, before adding, “Why are you afraid of your constituents?” as she was led from the stands.

Another very animated man stood up and shouted, “Wait your turn! It is not your turn!”

Fox News reported that anyone who lashed out during what was supposed to be a question and answer session was led away by security. Some constituents came to AOC’s defense during the chaos and the Congresswoman wrapped up the event by taking photos with supporters.

AOC tweeted after the tumult, “Thank you to everyone who came to our Memorial Day weekend town hall! We had such a great crowd,” AOC tweeted after the event. “It was awesome answering all your questions, discussing the debt limit negotiations, and more. See you next month!”

The tweet featured photos taken during happier moments at the event. AOC made no mention of the hecklers.

Watch the clips above via Fox News and YouTube user FreedomNews.

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