‘You’re Lying!’: Don Lemon Angrily Blows Up at Guest Over Trump’s 2nd Amendment Remarks

don lemon bonginoDon Lemon and a Republican congressional candidate were practically at each other’s throats on CNN tonight over Donald Trump‘s comments about “Second Amendment people.”

Dan Bongino insisted to Lemon that he’s “trying not to break down in laughter” because it was clear what Trump said, and it wasn’t an implication of violence.

Lemon insisted that Trump has a responsibility to be clear about what he says, but Bongino shot back, “You didn’t come into this with a clear and open mind!”

And then Lemon went off:

“What you’re saying right now makes no sense! I’m sitting at home, I’m watching Donald Trump. I have two ears and I have two eyes and I can see the reactions… We’re not stupid!… You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Bongino shot back, “I’m ashamed that you’re talking to me as if I’m a child!”

Lemon called him out for “lying” and Bongino angrily shouted, “You don’t know crap about this, Don! You’re a TV guy! I was a Secret Service Agent! Now cut off my mic! Do what you wanna do!”

No one cut his mic, and Lemon attempted to get him to understand why Trump’s lsnguage is so troubling.

Bongino instead called Lemon “Captain Talking Point” and said he’s all about pushing a false narrative here.

Watch the entire segment above, via CNN.

UPDATE –– 8/10, 2:52 pm EDT: The Secret Service has since talked to Trump, despite ex-Secret Service agent Bongino brushing it off last night. Lemon tweeted out the news:

[image via screengrab]

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