CNN Guest Explains Why She Thinks Trump Will Roll in 2020: ‘I Saw a Woman Walk Several Miles on Crutches’ Just to See Him…


Women for Trump co-founder Amy Kremer is convinced President Donald Trump is going to win in a landslide in 2020.

She also suggested people love him so much that they are showing up with walkers and crutches just to see him.

Speaking on CNN, Kremer said she was just in Pennsylvania — where Trump recently held a rally — and people are not concerned with talk of collusion or impeachment.

“I want to say that I just came from Pennsylvania spending several days there,” she said. “I was outside of that rally on Monday night.”

She added: “Those people aren’t waking up worried about collusion, obstruction, impeachment. They are waking up across America worried about how they’re going to feed families and clothe families. Do they have jobs, can they put a roof over their children’s head.”

Kremer then told the tale of a woman walking miles on crutches to see Trump and the women with walkers who come to his rally.

“I saw a woman walk several miles on crutches, I have a picture to see this president,” she said, not providing photo proof. “Women with their walkers are going into this see this president. I predict this goes on, this is a landslide for this president.”

Host Chris Cuomo then asked if those same people wanted Trump to focus on infrastructure instead of his own political interests.

“Actually, you know what, at a luncheon yesterday they said they were tired of the attacks on this president,” Kremer replied, turning Cuomo’s question around. “They were tired of the witch hunt and they wanted it to end.”

Watch above, via CNN

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