CNN’s Berman and Corey Lewandowski Bicker Over Civility: Trump ‘Sounds Like a Mob Boss’


CNN’s John Berman had a contentious interview with Corey Lewandowski on Wednesday over President Trump‘s role in the deterioration of civil political discourse around the country.

The conversation began when Berman brought up the recent controversies surrounding Congresswoman Maxine Watters and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. As they argued over the details of Sanders’ expulsion from The Red Hen restaurant, Berman eventually invoked the 2016 campaign rallies where Trump repeatedly encouraged his supporters to punch and physically assault protesters.

Lewandowski deflected from this by talking about Sander’s new Secret Service protection, rather than directly address Berman’s question about civility. The CNN host tried to keep things on track though, asking if Trump’s threats are “the same thing or worse than suggesting to leave a restaurant?”

Again, Lewandowski spun away to speak about the harassment of Sanders, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House advisor Stephen Miller. He and Berman began to spar again when the latter said that the president seemed to make a more explicit threat towards Waters than she did to him.

“Did the president threaten the government employee when he said ‘be careful, Max?'” Berman said. “It sounds like a mob boss. ‘Be careful. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you’…It could be interpreted easily as that type of thing.”

Eventually, Berman tried to switch gears by asking Lewandowski if he has any regret for his infamous “womp, womp” response to the story of a migrant child with Down Syndrome who was taken away from her parents amid Trump’s child separation policies. The former Trump campaign manager still had no apology to offer, saying it “wasn’t directed at a child. It was directed at a left-wing Democratic activist trying to use a child as a political tool.”

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