Maria Bartiromo: No Credibility in Mueller Probe Unless Clinton Also Investigated


One can easily imagine that on the walls of Trump-friendly cable news studios at Fox News and Fox Business, there are posters that read “When the going gets tough, Blame Hillary Clinton” because after a day of news that can objectively be called a disaster for President Donald Trump, the usual suspects are still hitting the former Democratic candidate in the 2016 General Election.

This morning it was Maria Bartiromo’s turn to deflect bad Trump news on to Ms. Clinton in a conversation with her guest Robert Ray who is described on “The Internet” as a “prominent litigator and former federal prosecutor and Independent Counsel for the Whitewater investigation.”

When the subject of fairness of the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller came up for conversation, it quickly turned to unfairness towards Trump. Or more to the point, a clearly aggrieved Bartiromo openly wondered why both sides aren’t under equal scrutiny.

“I can’t see the American people and the public see any credibility from the special counsel’s investigation if he is not looking at everything that occurred,” adding  “that includes that Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier!”

It appears that the Trump-friendly media are relying on the old “best defense is a good offense” ploy, despite the fact that it’s a tired tactic that, thus far, hasn’t done much to stem the negative political tide for the White House.

You know who complains about the referees? The team that’s losing.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox Business.



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