Nancy Pelosi Finally Gives Her ‘Proud’ Endorsement Ahead of California Primary


Before most of the voting electorate in her home state of California had even woken up Tuesday morning, former House Speaker and Democratic party leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to finally offer her official endorsement.

The announcement, which she shared with GMA’s George Stephanopoulos Tuesday, comes after months of speculation that she would eventually endorse the former Secretary of State despite populist opposition in the form of Bernie Sanders. “I’m a voter in California, and I have voted for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States,” she said on GMA. “I’m proud to endorse her for that position.”

However, Pelosi was quick to recognize that many states are still holding primaries today, and in a possible move of prudence aimed at not sparking revolt in the legions of passionate Sanders supporters, she continued cautiously, “But I hasten to say: it’s not over till it’s over.”

Pelosi also squarely figures into the hostly-contested superdelegate debate for the party, an issue that the Sanders camp has sworn it will fight all the way to the Philadelphia convention next month. She told Stephanopoulos, “While the numbers may be there in the numbers of superdelegates, I didn’t endorse yet because I am a superdelegate and I think the matter should be determined by the voters.”

Back in December, Pelosi was mum about her personal candidate of choice, though she told TIME, “I’m not sure every body has the fullest appreciation of what it would mean to have a woman as our candidate for president who is so qualified to be president.”

In February, the former House Speaker noted that the success and passion behind the Sanders camp was only a good thing for the Democratic party. “One of the beauties of Bernie Sanders’s campaign [is that] he has turned on so many people to being involved and taking an interest in voting,” she said. “And then what do you have? A record turnout. And that’s a good thing for the general election, for whoever the nominee is.”

California has 475 delegates up for grabs today, and while some outlets have already made the prediction, it is widely expected that the cable news nets will declare Clinton as the presumptive nominee tonight around 8:00 p.m. ET as polls close in New Jersey, a state where she has a comfortable +20.5 point lead over Sanders.

Watch the above clip from ABC’s GMA.

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