Sam Nunberg Dishes on Trump’s Claim About Paul Manafort to CNN: ‘It’s a Lie’

Former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg was surprisingly sedate speaking to New Day‘s John Berman Monday morning.

But he couldn’t help himself being a little eccentric, particularly by refusing to call something a lie that was clearly a lie — before conceding that it was totally a lie.

President Donald Trump tweeted that former campaign manager Paul Manafort was only with the campaign “for a short time,” as part of an ongoing effort to cast Manafort — who has been indicted as part of the Russia investigation — as a peripheral character on the campaign. Nunberg begged to differ.

“Paul helped him get delegates, helped him organize those states, especially New York, California, Pennsylvania and that’s ultimately what delivered Trump the nomination,” Nunberg said.

“This is typical Donald that he always wants to distance himself,” Nunberg said later. “He will throw anybody out. He never knew them. Remember, When he fires me I’m a part-time low level consultant. I worked for him for four and a half years.”

Berman then jumped in. “So when the president says Paul Manafort only played a small role in the campaign for a short time – ”

“It’s wrong,” Nunberg affirmed.

“Is it dishonest?” asked Berman.

“I’m not going to go into that,” Nunberg said, shifting.

“It is,” Berman said.

“It’s not nice,” Nunberg said.

“It’s not about being nice, it’s about the truth,” Berman pressed.

“It’s one-hundred percent inaccurate,” replied Nunberg.

“It is a lie,” Berman shot back.

“You say it is a lie,” Nunberg responded. “I will say inaccurate.”

But Berman, who began his stint on New Day mere weeks ago, didn’t let up.

“But why not say it’s a lie? President Trump was there. He knows that Paul Manafort was his campaign chair… It’s a lie.”

“Okay, fine,” Nunberg said. “It’s a lie.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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