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IRS Reportedly Sharing Information About Trump Campaign Officials With Mueller

Robert Mueller Has Reportedly Enlisted the Aid of IRS Criminal Investigations Unit

Fox’s Stuart Varney and Corey Lewandowski: ‘Deep State’ Helped ‘NBC Jihad’ Against Trump

‘It’s a Possibility’ Trump Leaked Himself Says Journalist Who Received Trump’s Tax Returns

House Dems Use IRS Hearing to Raise Questions About Trump’s Tax Returns

Trump’s Excuse For Not Releasing His Tax Returns Might Be Even More Bogus That We Thought

Hillary Clinton: Trump Will Use U.S. Military to Go After Critics

Looks Like Trump Might Have Used Charity Money to Buy Himself a $12,000 Souvenir

IRS Building Evacuated After Fire Breaks Out in Basement

The Head of the IRS Weighs In on Trump’s Tax Audit Situation

Trump Suggests After Debate He’s Audited Because He’s a ’Strong Christian’

Krauthammer on GOP Plan to Impeach IRS Head: Everything They Touch Has ‘Failed or Backfired’

House Republicans Announce Plans to Impeach IRS Commissioner

Justice Dept. Won’t Bring Charges Against Lois Lerner

Under Trump’s Tax Plan, Certain IRS Forms Will Literally Read ‘I Win’

Senate Committee Accuses Lois Lerner of Targeting Bristol Palin

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Charged with Bank Fraud, Lying to FBI

John Oliver Attempts to Make Viewers Feel ‘Small Amount of Sympathy’ for IRS

CNBC Reporter Challenges Ted Cruz: Why Should Anyone Listen to You When Your Facts Are Wrong?

IRS Investigation Finds No Link to White House, Faults Admin for Lack of Cooperation

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