Trump Takes Flak for Failing to Recite Apostle’s Creed at Bush Funeral


Donald Trump created a stir at the funeral for late former President George H.W. Bush with his apparent cold shoulder toward the Clintons. But later in the ceremony, he drew even more criticism for an even greater apparent diss when he failed to recite “The Apostle’s Creed.”

As Bishop Michael Curry led the attendees at Bush’s funeral in reciting the creed, the camera panned over the Bush family reading along from the program, then dissolved to the Obamas and the Clintons, also reading along.

But as the camera shot widened, Trump and First Lady Melania Trump could be seen standing stock-still, arms folded, and silent.

The slight was noticed by several White House reporters, including CBS News’ Kathryn Watson and Yahoo! correspondent Jon Ward:

CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers called it a “curious moment”:

Others on Twitter were more sharp in their criticism, noting the irony of a president who poses himself as a champion of evangelical Christians moping his way through the solemn moment:

For the many Americans who read the headline and thought “Apostle’s Creed” is a supporting character in the latest Rocky sequel, the text can be found here, and more importantly, was printed on the programs that literally everyone else in the National Cathedral was reading along from.

Evangelical voters have stuck with Trump through porn star payoffs, though, so he’s probably in the clear for this.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

[image via screengrab]

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