Fox News’ Jenna Lee Publicly Talks Food And Her Diet

Fox News’ Jenna Lee admits that her looks play an important role in her television career, and so she is obviously quite used to having others focus on her appearance. But that didn’t mean she was prepared for the onslaught of well-meaning advice lobbed her way when she announced she’d be getting married:

“The last couple of weeks, people have been saying ‘Oh, you must be really dieting for your wedding,’ and I’m like, no, I’m actually not — thanks so much for pointing that out.” But we should clarify that it isn’t her fiancé, a Navy SEAL, who’s saying that: “He eats differently than a female anchor on the news. He’s always saying ‘Eat more, eat more!’ and I’m like, Oh my God, we’re gonna have to have a conversation about this. Figuring out how to feed a Navy SEAL is a new project.”

Anyway, if you’ve wondered what a Fox News anchor’s diet might be like then, BOY!, are you ever in luck! Lee graciously shared her dining habits with food blog Grub Street. Here, then, are a few things we learned about Lee based on her eating habits:

– She’s part Italian.

– She’s nice and brings cookies for her co-workers. (HINT, HINT.)

– She believes there is such a thing as eating too many tortilla chips.

– You might catch her ordering an Early Bird Special at Denny’s:

During the week I still have to get into work around six in the morning, and when it gets to the end of the week, I run out of steam. So my friend also has a similar schedule. And we can relate and have an early dinner and not feel like a bunch of losers. We were eating at like 5:45 p.m., so we felt like senior citizens, but that was like the perfect Saturday evening for me.

– She will eat all the frosting off your cake. Not cool, Jenna Lee.

– She’s funny:

I had a glass of red wine, which was super good. But it was so good I didn’t even write down what it was.

Read the full food diary – it’s a quick, cute read that’ll let you get to know Lee a little better – right over here. Also, P.S., I resisted the urge to make a “delicious dish” pun in this story’s headline. You’re welcome Jenna, readers, everyone.

h/t Grub Street NY

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