GOP Congressional Candidate Shoots Obamacare with Many Guns

To visually demonstrate how much he doesn’t like Obamacare, GOP congressional candidate Will Brooke peppered a copy of the Affordable Health Care Act with many bullets from various guns in his latest ad.

Surprisingly, bullets from a .40 Glock pistol, a .270 Cooper rifle and an AR-15 could barely puncture the thousands of pages in Brooke’s copy of AHCA, so the Alabama candidate resorted to a wood chipper.

“We need to get rid of ObamaCare,” he said in a statement to the Daily Caller. “Then we need to replace it with a conservative, market-based solution. This ad shows that we can have fun with a serious subject, but for those who have already been hurt by the law here in Alabama, it’s anything but funny.”

Considering how ludicrous some of the ads are getting this cycle, Brooke’s is actually tame and focused on the issues! We’re not gonna be calling him “Pig Castration Lady” anytime soon, that’s for sure.

[The Daily Caller]

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