New York Magazine Suggests Reasons Why Huckabee Won’t Run: “Lacks Necessary Messianic Self-Delusions”

Will he or won’t he? New York magazine suggests seven reasons why GOP early poll frontrunner Mike Huckabee will not run for president in 2012, including this: “Lacks necessary messianic self-delusions.”

The story, in the magazine’s Daily Intel column, points out that Huckabee has a job he enjoys–and that pays him well–at the Fox News Channel, (Huckabee says he may have found his “niche”) and notes he’s recently talked up the electoral might of the guy who’s currently got the job, Barack Obama, who he says “is going to be much tougher to beat than people in our party think.” Huckabee went on to mistakenly suggest that “only one time since 1868 has an incumbent president been taken out who ran for reelection, and that was when Jimmy Carter ran in 1980.”

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