Lawrence O’Donnell Slams Michele Bachmann’s New Hampshire Gaffe in ‘Rewrite’ Segment

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) made headlines this weekend when she identified New Hampshire as the “state where the shot was heard around the world in Lexington and Concord,” an event that actually occurred in Massachusetts. The gaffe did not escape the notice of MSNBC’s The Last Word host, Lawrence O’Donnell, who treated Bachmann to a little Schoolhouse Mock™ on Monday night’s “Rewrite” segment.

O’Donnell has settled comfortably into Keith Olbermann‘s old timeslot, despite a purple-hued set design that makes it seem like he’s broadcasting from an underground lair designed by the bastard offspring of Prince and Dr. Evil. The “Rewrite” segment is an Olbermann-esque cross between the Worst Person in the World and a Special Comment, mixed with O’Donnell’s trademark uncomfortable stare.

In Monday night’s edition, he devoted the segment to Rep. Bachmann’s latest gaffe, although in her defense, what has ever happened in New Hampshire that’s worth mentioning? Vermont has better maple syrup, and Boston had all the historical stuff. Aside from a partial claim to the Patriots and Clam Chowder, there’s not much there. And hey, at least she didn’t give a shout-out to Bobby Thomson.

O’Donnell doesn’t just let Bachmann have it, though. He trashes her staff, and the 52% of voters in her district who voted for her, as “ignorant,” and asks his audience to help him figure out why: (from MSNBC)

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