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In New Tweet, Donald Trump Falsely Blames Obama For Violent Gitmo Detainees Released Under Bush

Greg Gutfeld on Anniversary of Breitbart’s Death: ‘He Would Have Kicked the Alt-Right Goons to the Curb’

New Travel Ban Takes Effect in Ten Days, Despite Trump’s Claims Delay Would Be Dangerous

WH Sources: Trump ‘Had No Idea’ If Wiretapping Claims Were True When He Made Them

Report: Russian Hackers Targeting, Extorting Over a Dozen U.S. Liberal Nonprofits

‘This Is How Things Start’: Mika Brzezinski Implies U.S. on Path to Totalitarianism Under Trump

Top White House Aide Was Highly Critical of Donald Trump Throughout 2016 Campaign

Man Arrested For JCC Bomb Threats Was Liberal Journalist Fired For Fabrication

FBI Arrests 31-Year-Old Juan Thompson For Bomb Threats to Jewish Community Centers

Treasury Secretary Tells Staffers Leaks Won’t Be Tolerated, Which Immediately Leaks

No, Republican House Intelligence Chairman Didn’t Threaten to Investigate Reporters

Former Staffer Says Jeff Sessions Should Recuse Himself, ‘Should Be No-Brainer’

Sean Spicer Accidentally Announces That Donald Trump Will Be Next HUD Secretary

Kevin McCarthy Walks Back Call For Sessions to Recuse Himself After Only an Hour

Claire McCaskill Claims She’d Never Meet With Russian Ambassador, But Tweets Prove She Has

Report: White House Lied to Journalists About Trump Speech in ‘Misdirection Play’

Can YOU Spot What’s Wrong With Bette Midler’s Fact-Check of Donald Trump?

Oprah Suggests She’s Rethinking Presidential Run After Donald Trump’s Win

D.C. Fox Affiliate Runs Segment Pushing DNC Staffer Murder Conspiracy Theories

Tom Brokaw: Trump’s Congressional Address Was ‘Easily the Most Presidential He’s Been’

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