‘Marginal’ 7-Year-Old Santa Believer Wants to Know if Trump ‘Has Any Kids’

Obama Responds to Texas Judge Striking Down ACA: ‘Last Night’s Ruling Changes Nothing for Now’

Barack Obama Releases Self-Mocking Video Promoting ACA Insurance Enrollments Before Dec 15 Deadline

The Obamas Remember ‘Patriot and Humble Servant’ George H.W. Bush

Obama’s WH Photographer Pete Souza: I’m Trying to Correct Trump’s ‘Lies and Falsehoods’ With Photographic Proof

Jon Favreau Reminds Everyone Media Had Meltdown When Obama ‘Politely’ Disagreed With Supreme Court Ruling

Michelle Obama on Melania Trump Getting Staffer Fired: Didn’t Happen ‘Once’ While I Was There

Twitter Points and Laughs at Mitch McConnell Op-Ed Asking if Dems ‘Will Work With Us’

Michelle Obama Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage 20 Years Ago

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Doesn’t Understand Why Obama’s Fear-Mongering Doesn’t Get Same Scrutiny as Trump’s

Obama Mocks Trump for ‘Enough Indictments to Field a Football Team’: I Didn’t Have That Problem

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Economy Doing Really Well Under Trump, But ‘Wasn’t the Table Set by Barack Obama?’

Obama: Trump Is Using the Military for ‘Political Stunt at the Border!’

Obama After Pittsburgh Shooting: We Have to Stop Making it So Easy for People Who Want to Harm Innocents to Get a Gun

Obama: If GOP Really Cared About Hillary’s Emails, They’d Be Outraged About China Spying on Trump’s iPhone!

Trump Tweets Video of Then-Senator Obama’s Comments on Illegal Immigration: I Agree ‘100%!’

Obama: No, Michelle’s Not Running for President, ‘But She Is Out There Telling You to Vote’

Obama Mocks Trump for Constantly ‘Making Stuff Up’: ‘I Believe in a Fact-Based Reality’

Obama Endorses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and More in New List of Midterm Picks for Office

Obama Shares a Story at Anaheim Rally About the Time He Got Booted from Disneyland

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