Thanks to Roy Moore, Donald Trump Has Gone From ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to ‘Biggest Loser’


Instinctively, I never bother to follow the herd or pile on a subject that is too obvious where many others would likely tackle it at the same time, but very occasionally there are exceptions.  The result of the special election for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama is definitely in that category.

Thanks to Republican nut-job Roy Moore losing to pro-abortion Democrat Doug Jones, President Donald Trump has pulled off the political equivalent of something so impossibly inept that even the Cleveland Browns are now rightfully sniggering at him.

Trump endorsed an INCUMBENT GOP senator in the primary against Roy Moore and LOST. Badly. For a normal sitting president, that embarrassing result alone would be the type of humiliation that would be mentioned prominently in their political obituary.

Trump then very publicly re-endorsed Moore in the general election AFTER he had endured weeks of blanket media coverage of credible allegations that he sexually abused underage girls as an adult, and lost again. All of this in one of the reddest states in America! That’s a double-whammy of pure incompetence the likes of which we have simply never seen in the modern presidency.

All of this from the ultimate political alpha male. The guy who perpetually promised during the 2016 campaign that there would be so much winning that we Republicans would get tired of winning. The guy who in his first year in office has achieved basically nothing and now may not be able to get even relatively tame tax reform done.

I am so damn tired of all of this winning!!

The reality is that there are a lot of losers thanks to this result. Roy Moore, Steve Bannon,, Mitch McConnell, and yes, I believe, in the longer run, Chuck Schumer, all lost big-time because of what happened in Alabama. But no one lost nearly as big as Donald Trump.

In short, Trump, the man who has spent his entire adult life conning people into thinking he is a “winner,” is now the biggest loser of them all.

When as a GOP “populist” president you can’t even help a far better candidate win a Republican primary, and then your new candidate loses the general election in freaking Alabama, you are so politically impotent that even the best male enhancement drugs money can buy can’t help you. And now the worst part for Trump is that everyone knows he’s politically powerless.

His twitter threats will now be properly treated as the bad bluffs that they have always been. The big bad wolf is now obviously toothless and out of breath.

And once a bully has been exposed as a paper tiger on the playground, there is usually no going back. Either he curls up into the fetal position and relinquishes his alpha-male status, or he keeps pretending nothing has changed and simply becomes a laughing stock. My guess is that Trump will elect for his degradation to come from the latter route.

The myth of the Trump magic has now been forever revealed, like the old man behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz,” to be nothing but an obvious fraud. His crowning achievement, beating one of the worst candidates in our presidential history, while badly losing the popular vote, has now been forever shown to be a total – possibly Russian-aided – fluke.

Going forward, unless he somehow can pull off a legitimate victory somewhere, only his slowly shrinking “Cult 45” will still take him seriously. This supposedly Ivy-educated blue-blood will now be reduced to pandering solely for the empty cheers of white trash morons and the whores of Fox News Channel, the last demographics to not realize (or not care) that they have been conned.

Putting all of this in practical terms, barring a “black swan” event, tax reform really is Trump’s last shot before his first term effectively ends very soon. What I mean by that is, if he couldn’t get anything done in his first year as a newly-elected president, there is just no way he can do any better in year two, especially with his own party seeing him as toxic going into a midterm election where they are facing the very possibility of losing both of their majorities in Congress.

Then, assuming the Democrats take at least one chamber of Congress (an extremely good bet after last night), the Trump first term legislatively, at least as a Republican, is officially 100% over. After all, if the Democrats take over the House in 2018, Trump will surely be impeached in 2019.

I still don’t believe that, based on the current factual record, Trump will ever actually be removed from office. Even with the loss of Moore’s vote in the Senate, it would be very difficult to get sixty-seven senators to convict him, especially when deep-down a lot of elected Democrats, and most of the news media, would secretly like to keep Trump around as long as possible out of cynical self-interest.

So, last night wasn’t the end of Donald Trump, but it was the beginning of the end.

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