After a Day of Trump Team Attacks, Head of Fox News Decision Desk ‘Strongly’ Stands by AZ Biden Call


The past 24 hours has been dominated by a lot of wild speculation over the results of the 2020 election thus far, including fury from Team Trump at Fox News for its Decision Desk calling Arizona for Joe Biden.

People on the president’s team have openly blasted Fox, called on them to retract the claim, and insist that the president still has a fighting chance.

For the second day in a row, Fox News brought Arnon Mishkin — head of its Decision Desk — on air to defend the Arizona call.

Asked by Bret Baier if they would rescind the call, Mishkin said they are definitely not.

He said while additional votes are being counted, “we do not believe that this will change the tenor or the texture of the race, and we strongly believe that our call will stand, and that’s why we’re not pulling back the call.”

Mishkin explained that the vote deficit Trump needs to make up is too high and that “voters in Maricopa County tended to be more Biden voters than Trump voters.”

Martha MacCallum questioned him about the arguments from Team Trump about a potential upset and ultimate victory.

“If a frog had wings…” Mishkin remarked. “We’re confident that the data will basically look like the data we’ve noticed throughout the count in Arizona.”

Baier asked why Fox can call Arizona but not North Carolina.

“In North Carolina we’re waiting for a different flavor of votes than is reported so far,” he said. “What we’re waiting for is the last remnants of the mail-in vote.”

MacCallum asked Mishkin how he could justify calling Arizona with one percent of the vote in.

A visibly confused Mishkin said they called it with over 80 percent of the vote in.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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