Dan Abrams: Today is ‘The Day The Music Died’ for Trump’s Re-Election Fight

ABC News chief legal analyst and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams referenced a famous lyric from Don McLean’s classic rock song “American Pie” while pronouncing President Donald Trump’s desperate attempts to overturn the 2020 election as finally dead.

Abrams’ verdict came after several key events transpired in the previous 24 hours, when Pennsylvania and Michigan certified that Joe Biden won those states and GSA Administrator Emily Murphy official approved the start of the Biden presidential transition.

Two weeks ago, Abrams had sent up a warning flare on his radio show after some GOP state legislators in swing states had increasingly signaled a willingness to do an end run around the vote count and appoint pro-Trump electors. Because of this development, he thought there was a “tiny chance” the president might somehow stay in office.

With numerous procedural doors closing on Trump — and a significant logistical and symbolic one opening for Biden — Abrams led off his Tuesday show calling it “the day that the music died for President Trump.” He went on to say it was “in my mind, impossible for President Trump to pull off the steal.” He specified that legal victories would have been legitimate but those have failed miserably and that he was referencing the possibility that Trump or his allies would somehow convince legislators or state officials to reject the votes.

“It’s a big day today, it’s a big day,” Abrams said later, summing up the absurd and bizarre denials still coming out of the Oval Office. “The votes in the battleground states have been certified, the GSA is giving President-elect Biden the funds to begin the process of the transition, and the President of the Unites States is retweeting Randy Quaid.”

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