‘Do You Trust What Happened?’ Sean Hannity Raises Questions About Whether ‘This Was a Free, Fair, Honest Election’


Fox News’ Sean Hannity kicked off his show Wednesday night with a lengthy monologue that repeatedly raised questions about the 2020 election results.

“Every American should be angry, you should be outraged, you should be worried, you should be concerned about what has happened in the election and the lead up to this election and frankly, you should be angry at what has been building and building in the last 4 years in this all-out assault against a duly-elected president that we the people elected,” Hannity said.

He said what we’re witnessing is “an absolute disgrace,” raising questions about what happened in Pennsylvania and saying “that’s the same state where you found ballots in garbage cans — they all happened to be votes for Donald Trump.”

Hannity also claimed to viewers there are ballots “appearing out of thin air.”

“How many dead people received ballots… in California?” he wildly speculated. “How many people that have moved from their addresses had the ballots sent to them, and the new residents had all these free ballots that they could use?”

He also raised questions about what’s happening in Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and North Carolina.

“Is it really too much to ask for a trustworthy system with checks and balances and integrity that every American would have confidence in?” he asked, questioning if this is really the best voting system America can do.

Minutes later, Hannity said Democrats have “tried to destroy President Trump for four straight years” and added, “No lines that they would not cross.”

“Here’s a question every American is going to have to answer for themselves,” he said. “Do you trust what happened in this election? Do you believe these election results are accurate? Do you believe this was a free and fair election? I have a lot of questions. Is this really the best we can do in America? Not even close. Do the Democrats and media want an honest election or will they support removing Donald Trump by any means necessary?… They want an honest system or one that they control and manipulate? You ask yourself if you believe this election is the best of what we as Americans are capable of. Or is the system one they can abuse when it suits them and therefore they’re not going to change it?”

He referenced Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden before adding, “Are you okay that the media’s this corrupt and in the tank for the Democrats? That Democrats want power, raw power, and they’re willing to be this corrupt for this long a period of time? Are you worried the big tech companies will censor the free and open exchange of ideas? Are you concerned that a deep state is celebrating tonight? ‘Cause they got off the hook if Joe Biden wins.”

And finally Hannity just straight-up asked his viewers if they “think this was a free, fair, honest election and this is the best of what America is capable of.”

“Do you trust the outcome of this election? Do you think the system is corrupt?” he asked.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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