George Conway Calls Out Trump for Filing Lawsuit — in New Mexico — on Day Biden Wins Electoral College: ‘Can’t See the Truth From His Own Lies and Fantasies’


Fierce and longtime Trump critic George Conway blasted the president for his ongoing, fruitless legal campaign to to subvert democracy and overturn the election, even as the Electoral College confirmed — yet again — that Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

During an appearance on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360Conway bluntly called Donald Trump “delusional” and called out his unyielding campaign of election lawsuits as little more than a fig leaf for  further milking his donor base to fund his post-presidenctial lifestyle.

“What does it say to America that the voters have spoken and the sitting President of the United States refuses to, at the very least, did not acknowledge this?” Cooper asked of Trump’s deafening silence on yet another confirmation he will leave office on January 20th.

“It says a lot about the president and less about the country,” Conway said. “It says three things about the president. One is he’s delusional, as you just said, and secondly, he’s basically running a scam, financial otherwise, scam on the American people or at least some segment of the American people. Third, he’s malevolent. He’s seeking to undermine, if he can’t have the presidency, he does not want anybody to have it the presidency and he’s seeking to undermine the next administration.

Conway then pointed out that, on Monday, the Trump campaign filed a new election lawsuit in federal district court in New Mexico, a state Biden easily won.

“It makes absolutely no sense to bring this lawsuit,” he explained. “New Mexico has five electoral votes and he’s down by 74. He lost by 100,000 votes, 11%. And today, electors in New Mexico and 49 other states cast their votes. No court is going to give relief at this point. The lawsuit is just a joke. It’s crazy.”

“If the grift is raising money from people who genuinely believe the president,” Cooper pointed out, “you know, continuing the frivolous lawsuits allows or at least gives cover for the grift, he’s making a lot of money.”

“Correct,” Conway said, noting that news reports have put the Trump re-election fundraising total so far as north of $200 million. “It’s more than that. It’s also he needs to convince himself and his supporters for his own psychological needs that he actually won the election. That’s where you get back to the point where he’s delusional and he can’t see the truth from his own lies and fantasies. Imagine if a network executive at CNN behaved like this. Imagine if a pilot for United Airlines behaved like this… or an army colonel behaved like this. Imagine if [49ers Coach] Kyle Shanahan went out after losing the Super Bowl and said hey all those points in the fourth quarter were fake. Those passes by [Chiefs QB Pat] Mahomes weren’t real and shouldn’t have counted and brought 60 lawsuits and lost them all.”

“Do you think he believes it?” Cooper asked, of Trump.

“Yeah, I think he convinces himself what he wants to believe,” Cooper offered up. “I don’t think in his own mind, truths and lies mean anything. You can show him that he lied and he’d keep lying, or think up a new lie. They’re just words to him and everything in his own mind is what counts, everything out there in reality does not count. The scary thing is people out there are following him.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.


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