Jake Tapper to GOP Gov. Larry Hogan: Republican Leaders Are ‘Acting Like Babies’ Refusing to Acknowledge Election Result


CNN’s Jake Tapper spoke with Governor Larry Hogan — a more Trump-skeptical Republican, to put it mildly — on Sunday about how his party is reacting to President Donald Trump’s election loss.

Tapper started by noting how Hogan is one of only a few Republicans acknowledging that Joe Biden is the President-elect. Trump has not conceded yet, has falsely declared that he won, has made baseless claims about winning with “legal votes,” and has a lot of Republicans backing him up on this.

So Tapper asked, “Is it time for your party to acknowledge that this is over?”

Hogan said if there’s evidence of widespread voter fraud, they should produce it, because, he said, “I haven’t seen any evidence. And look, a couple of Republican governors are responsible for a couple of the states in questions. They haven’t questioned the results.”

When Tapper asked if Trump should concede, Hogan said the president should “at least acknowledge that he will, even if it may take a few more days for cooler heads to prevail and to convince him it’s the right thing to do for the nation.”

Tapper commended the Republicans like Hogan facing the reality right now, but said it’s a “vast minority” and remarked, “As an American citizen, it’s really disappointing. Not you, but your party’s leaders are acting like babies. You lost the election. Congratulate the President-elect.”

“I have always felt that our American democracy was more important than any one person or any one election,” Hogan said. “And that while I understand the disappointment and frustration from a lot of people that didn’t get the outcome they were hoping for, we do have to — the most important thing is that we respect our democratic process and we always have had for 200 years a peaceful transition of power. Hopefully, we’re going to get there, Jake.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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