Joe Scarborough Doubts Trump Will Start a TV Network After Leaving Office: ‘That’s Too Much Work’ for Him


There’s been a lot of buzz (since 2016, frankly) about Donald Trump potentially setting up a media empire of his own, talk that’s been renewed in the wake of him losing the election to Joe Biden (even if Trump himself is publicly refusing to face the reality of that so far).

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough appeared Sunday with colleague Alex Witt, who asked what the president is going to do once he’s out of office — given that there’s talk of a 2024 run in his future.

Scarborough said Trump’s incapable of long-term planning but is someone who “works hard enough to just survive the next ten minutes.”

“So when people start talking about 2024, you have to laugh if you know Donald Trump. There’s always a different angle,” he continued. “Maybe he thinks this helps him out if for some reason he decides he has to have a plea agreement with prosecutors, that maybe he’ll agree to not ever run for public office again if they drop charges against him. I think that’s what’s first and foremost in his mind. This is a guy who’s not going to most likely to start a news network or TV network or team up with anyone else, because that’s too much work. He wants cheap and easy money, and he wants to stay out of the courtroom and stay out of jail, so all this talk about 2024 is really just noise.”

Witt noted that even Chris Christie is calling the Trump team a “national embarrassment.”

Scarborough agreed and noted the latest Trump legal team case rejected by a judge in Pennsylvania.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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