John Bolton Condemns Trump for Spreading Election Night Conspiracies, Calls on GOP to Repudiate His ‘Fraudulent Strategy’


Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, called out the president and his campaign for spreading numerous election conspiracy theories and encouraged the Republican Party to distance itself from what he called a “fraudulent strategy” to win the 2020 race.

During an appearance on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, Bolton alluded to numerous incidents in the past few days and weeks where the Trump campaign has preemptively made false claims that widespread voter fraud is underway and that Democrats are attempting to “steal” the election by ensuring all votes are counted.

“Ambassador Bolton, what the president is saying ‘everything needs to be counted by tomorrow night,’ that is not accurate. Why do you think he is saying this?” host Jake Tapper asked.

“I think he is trying to set up a fraud, a con on his own supporters and the entire electoral system to justify actions he is contemplating taking after the polls have closed,” Bolton said. “And he is playing on the popular misconception when they hear TV networks announce that state X has been carried by candidate A, that, in fact, things are decided on the night of the election, which is not true and almost never is on the same day. And I think his surrogates, you just had one on, fully understand that this is a lie.”

“This is such blatant deception,” Bolton added, before exhorting his party to reject the president’s attempt at undermining integrity in the country’s elections. “I really think this is a critical moment for the Republican Party, for the elected leaders, it’s kind of a character test to say, we do not accept the idea that Trump can get away with this.”

“I agree with you,” Tapper replied. “I have only seen you, Scott Jennings in our panel a few minutes ago, and the lieutenant governor of Utah say anything about this. This is just anti-democratic. It’s not up to a president to say ‘I have won, I’m president,’ if they are still counting ballots. What happened? Where is your party?”

“As I say, I think it’s a character test,” Bolton emphasized, before referring to the Republican strategy fo blocking Al Gore’s attempts to keep counting votes in Florida 20 years ago. “That was a fraudulent strategy then and it’s a fraudulent strategy for Trump today. I think it’s important for Republicans to separate themselves from Trump on this very quickly because looking forward, if Trump loses, this is just one more problem for the party, one more albatross around our neck caused by Trump.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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