Rush Limbaugh Floats Conspiracy Theory DNC Pre-Taped, Edited Together Biden’s Speech (Dozens of Journalists Watched Him Give It Live)


Far right radio personality Rush Limbaugh floated an absurd lie on his program on Friday, claiming Joe Biden’s live DNC acceptance speech the night before was so well-delivered and emotionally poignant because it was actually pre-taped and edited together for broadcast. That claim is totally baseless and easily refutable.

In fact, as this ABC News report confirms, there were roughly three-dozen reporters present—along with TV camera crews and Secret Service agents—at the Chase Center in downtown Wilmington, Del. to watch Biden give his speech in person.

Limbaugh tried to evade directly backing the ridiculous conspiracy theory by using a rhetorical trick commonly deployed by President Donald Trump, of the “people are saying…” variety.

“I have to tell you, let me just review, there are a lot of people I have come to find out who want to know if [Biden’s] speech was delivered live or was it pre-recorded,” Limbaugh began, notably without ever identifying the “people” making the scurrilous, absurd claims. “Now the assumption I think that everybody had going in was he was live because we didn’t hear anything else. And the time came for the speech to happen, the lights went down or came up whatever and here comes [Biden] and starts the speech. Some people are of the opinion that it had to be tape. And that it had to be taped in segments and the segments had to be edited together because plugs is not capable of 22 minutes even reading a prompter with no screw-ups, this is the prevailing theory.”

Limbaugh then noted that Biden did, in fact, have a “tiny, little” moment of misspeaking, but that his alleged DNC speech editors would not have bothered to correct such a small mistake.

“Some have said to me: ‘Look, Rush, this isn’t complicated. If Biden was able to read that speech with all of that emotion or all of that empathy. If he was able to do that after 22 minutes, then why not go outside and do it on stage in front of all the people in the cars?’ Which, you have to admit, is a legitimate question,” Limbaugh claimed without considering the number of explanations the Democratic nominee might not want to give a speech outdoors at night, with simple unpredictable factors like wind, bugs, and his physical security being just a few.

“But because he did it from inside the building there are some people asking a legitimate question,” Limbaugh said, continuing to float the lie without having to fully endorse it himself. “Was that thing really live or was it a series of edited together segments made to look live on the premise that Biden isn’t capable of 22 minutes, however long it was, of flawless reading with proper emotion and all that of what’s on the TelePrompTer without making a single mistake.”

Listen to the audio, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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