Trump Claims NYT Story on His Taxes Was ‘Illegal’ and ‘Wrong’, Confirms Key Detail From It Moments Later


President Donald Trump attacked the New York Times over its bombshell tax story during the NBC town hall, slamming it as “illegal” and that it got the details “wrong.” But he also seemed to confirm a key detail from the exposé, that he only paid $750 in taxes in 2016.

After a back and forth with town hall moderator Savannah Guthrie about taxes, she brought up the Times piece and noted that he could easily clear up the supposed mistakes in the piece by embracing full transparency, just as his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, has.

“Here’s the thing,” Guthrie pointed out. “You could clear this up tonight by just releasing your tax returns yourself. I think people are just wondering, you’re the only…”

“It turned out I am under audit,” Trump interrupted.

“You are,” Guthrie said, as the Times story also confirmed. “But the IRS says that doesn’t stop you from…”

“You accused me of not being under audit previously,” Trump baselessly claimed.

“I did not.”

“Other people at NBC,” Trump then said, shifting his claim. “And I am under audit.”

“You are,” Guthrie repeated. “To be clear, there is no law or rule that prohibits you from releasing your tax returns.”

Instead, “common sense and intelligence” argue against releasing them, Trump said.

“[The Times piece] also said you paid $750 in taxes the year you were elected. Is that true,” Guthrie pushed, citing one of the most incendiary revelations in the story.

“That’s a statutory number,” Trump claimed, not answering and no explaining.

“But is that true?” Guthrie pressed.

“I think it’s a filing number. You pay $750, it’s a filing fee,” Trump said vaguely, but seemingly confirming that the $750 figure was not made up, despite his past denials that he actually paid “millions” in income taxes.

“Most people here probably pay more,” Guthrie pointed out, gesturing to the audience.

“No, I don’t know, but I can tell you this,” Trump said, before allowing that the Times may have his actual returns after all. “If they have my tax returns, as you know, they have to go to jail. It’s illegal. But their numbers were wrong.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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