Top DeSantis Aide Argues With 16-Year-Old About Botox and Ukraine One Day After Disastrous Campaign Rollout


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Christina Pushaw, a top adviser to Ron DeSantis, argued with a 16-year-old Trump supporter about botox and Ukraine on Twitter just one day after the Florida governor launched his campaign for the presidency.

The argument started on Thursday after “GOP Josh” — a 16-year-old supporter of former President Donald Trump — asked Pushaw, “How much of the $1M DeStablishment raised yesterday will go towards your Botox?”

“Does your mom know what you are doing on the internet,” Pushaw shot back, prompting GOP Josh to take several digs at Pushaw’s alleged cosmetic work.

After GOP Josh accused Pushaw of being a “Ukraine simp,” citing her previous work for former Georgia President and Ukrainian governor Mikheil Saakashvili, Pushaw carried on arguing with her 16-year-old foe.

“He’s literally a child LOL,” she tweeted. “I thank God Twitter wasn’t a thing when I was his age. I might have embarrassed myself the same way. Look he has plenty of time to grow up and learn something, and I wish him well.”

Pushaw didn’t stop there, however, adding in another tweet that she hoped her interlocutor would learn the “most important lesson” of “humility.”

Her decision to spend her time on Twitter arguing with a minor just one day after DeSantis’ campaign launch puzzled some social media users.

“If the most senior advisor on your presidential campaign is arguing with a 16 year old high school student on Twitter I don’t think you are winning the primary,” reacted New York Young Republican Club president Gavin Wax.

DeSantis’ launched his 2024 presidential campaign during a chaotic Twitter Spaces event with Elon Musk on Wednesday, which was mocked by Trump, President Joe Biden, and Fox News — and resulted in the hashtag #DeSaster becoming one of Twitter’s top trending topics after technical difficulties prevented many users from tuning in.

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