California Rep Says He’s ‘Open to Entertaining’ a Biden-Swalwell 2020 Ticket After Cher Shoutout

California Congressman Eric Swalwell says he’s willing to make his mama and Cher proud and is “open to entertaining” the possibility of the Biden-Swalwell ticket or even a Swalwell-Biden 2020 ticket.

Swalwell’s comments came during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Thursday.

“Are you prepared to run in 2020 as either a presidential or a vice president presidential candidate?” Blitzer asked.

Swalwell replied, “Or Swalwell/Biden, Wolf. I’m open to entertaining both variations. And I was actually as a fan of Cher and my mom has been to many of her concerts, my mom was just thrilled. I think my mom has sent that to every person in the world she has ever talked to.”

In case you are wondering what Cher has to do with all of this, it seems the idea of a joint Swalwell-Biden ticket actually came from the musical star.

“I know Joe Biden and I know him to be a really great man,” Cher told ITK Sunday, before pitching someone young for the other half of the ticket like Kamala Harris or the 38-year-old representative, “I can’t remember what Swalwell’s first name is.”

In response to an article about Cher’s comments, Swalwell wrote on Twitter: “Yes. My Mom loves and she’s thrilled. Don’t diss my Mom, pal.”

Watch above, via CNN

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