Elon Shuffle: Watch Tesla CEO Break Out Into Bizarre Strip Tease at China Event


Tesla CEO Elon Musk broke out into a lengthy Elon Shuffle during an event in Shanghai, China on Tuesday.

The bizarre dance went on for nearly a minute at a time and featured a moment where Musk seductively stripped off his blazer and threw it across the stage.

As detailed by CNN Business, “The dancing, if you want to call it that, began immediately after Musk walked onto the stage at the event for employees and Tesla (TSLA) owners. Musk tore off his blazer and bopped around, prancing and waltzing around in the span of 40 seconds.”

Following the event, Musk posted a clip of his dance moves on Twitter along with the caption, “NSFW,” or “not safe for work.”

The post received over 268,000 likes and 32,000 retweets.

Musk has previously engaged in bizarre stunts, including smoking weed on the Joe Rogan Experience, calling a British diving hero who helped rescue a Thai football team “pedo guy,” and hosting YouTube star PewDiePie’s “Meme Review.”

The Tesla CEO is not the only tech figure to have broken out in a dance routine on stage.

In 2018, Ethereum cryptocurrency founder Vitalik Buterin performed the “Badger” dance in Toronto, Canada,

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