‘Undeniably Tremendous’: MAGA Twitter Celebrates Release of Kanye West’s Jesus is King


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MAGA Twitter celebrated the release of Kanye West’s new Christian-themed album Jesus is King on Friday.

In response to the ninth album from West, a rapper who recently embraced Trumpism, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) declared, “Can’t wait to listen,” before quoting the lyrics from the Chick-fil-A-themed track Closed on Sunday.

Mike Cernovich posted, “Kanye West didn’t lie; Jesus Is King is a gospel album. Not because of its choirs, but because of the content. He put Jesus at the forefront, and never lost sight of Christ throughout the album’s 11 tracks.”

“Kanye’s music is his art is his soul, Jesus is King doesn’t feel fully finished because neither is Kanye fully complete in his spiritual walk,” Cernovich wrote.

Conservative author Pamela Geller called the album “Undeniably tremendous,” adding, “The left is gonna rip it cuz it’s all Gd. @kanyewest is a visionary. He either walks alone or raises an army.”

In the conservative Washington Examiner, journalist Madeline Fry wrote, “The album flows like one of West’s secretive gatherings in the hills of California. Exuberant and eclectic, it appeals to a new audience, one you never could have expected to flock to religion, or to West.”

Dozens of other conservatives also celebrated the album’s release, including Blaze TV’s Allie Beth Stuckey and actress Anna Khait.

On the left of the political spectrum, The Young Turks’ Emma Vigeland and frequent Trump reply guy Tony Posnanski expressed their distaste for the new album.

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