Last Call: Chefs Predict The Bleak Future Of Food Via Therapeutic Art Projects

Food & Wine: We love it when chefs get artsy, and so, naturally, we love this collection by Food & Wine of chefs sketching out their predictions for the future of food on paper plates. Jose Andres’ plate is a thinker!

Huffington Post: Remember that famous chef in history who killed himself over a late fish delivery while serving King Louis XIV? This chef, who stabbed his wife for eating dinner before a party he was throwing, thus ruining her appetite for his food, almost beats that guy in crazy. Almost.

Jim Romenesko: A former writer for the Hartford Advocate started brewing Unemployed Reporter Porter in his spare time, and while the label boasts promising snark, he hasn’t managed to pull himself far enough out of his jobless shamehole yet to distribute it. It’s just like that song says — “I was gonna distribute my unemployment microbrew…but then I got high?” (That’s how it goes, right?)

GrubStreet: If, however, you happen to be an employed reporter covering New York Fashion Week, GrubStreet published a handy guide to the best places surrounding the tents to grab food in convenient “if you have 10 minutes,” “if you have 30 minutes,” and “if you just want to drink” time frames. Holla at our girls.

Eater: Tim Love is opening up a new steakhouse in Denton, TX called Queenie’s in honor of his mom. We wonder how many takeout containers of white wine he’ll be stress-consuming in preparation for the opening…

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