After Tucker Carlson Failed to Find a Scandal, McCarthy Releases Jan. 6 Footage to Other Pro-Trump Pundits

Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) gleefully announced that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will be giving several pro-Trump pundits access to the January 6 footage previously made available to Tucker Carlson.

“I’m excited to share the good news that just as I promised the J6 tapes are being released!” Greene posted on Twitter. “Speaker McCarthy has given John Solomon, Julie Kelly, and a third outlet unfettered access to the J6 tapes, and their reporting on it starts tomorrow. This is the transparency the American people deserve and I look forward to their reporting!”

McCarthy previously gave Carlson exclusive access to the thousands of hours of footage when he still served as a host at Fox News. Carlson used selective portions of the footage to bizarrely cast the riot at peaceful. After dedicating two episodes of this show to the footage, Carlson seemed to give up on covering it. No hidden scandal was unearthed.

Releasing the footage to Solomon and Kelly raises questions about how they will handle the video any differently. Solomon is a former Fox News contributor who has been accused of spreading pro-Trump conspiracy theories for years.

Kelly, meanwhile, is a right-wing pundit and conspiracy theorist who has frequently appeared on Fox News to downplay the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

She has claimed a Capitol Police officer wounded in the attack was a”crisis actor” and criticized the officers who faced the violent mob for “attacking” the rioters. Since the attack, she has complained about the prosecution of the rioters who ransacked the Capitol in an attack that left five people dead.

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