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‘I’m Married to an Asian’: Kellyanne Conway Demands Reporter Name White House Official Who Said ‘Kung Flu’

President Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway demanded CBS News White House correspondent Weijia Jiang share with the press pool Wednesday the name of the official who referred to the coronavirus as “Kung Flu” to her face. 

The exchange on the White House grounds began when PBS News White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor asked about a staffer calling the virus “Kung Flu.”

“Excuse me, excuse me, that’s been alleged, no — Yamiche, excuse me, Yamiche; I’m not dealing in hypotheticals, of course, it’s wrong, but you can’t just make an accusation and not tell us who it is.”

“Who is it? Come and tell us,” Conway continued.

“Yamiche, if you want to argue, I’m going argue about standing away from each other and washing our hands and everything,” Conway continued.

“Tells us who it is, Weijia who was it, tell us!” Conway stated.

Alcindor attempting to interject a question then asked Conway, “But just to be clear, you’re telling those staffers, of course, its wrong to use the word ‘Kung Flu’?”

“Tell us who it is,” Conway stated, adding, “Weijia who was it? Tell us,” the advisor continued.

Weijia then responded to Conway, “I think you understand how those conversations go, I am also a journalist.”

“I’m not going to engage in hypotheticals, I’m married to an Asian,” Conway said.

Answering a reporter’s inaudible remarks, Conway stated, “Yes, I’m married to an Asian-American, my kids are 25% Filipino….you’re all so obsessed, I thought you knew.”

“Excuse me, of course, it is, but who is it Yamiche, who is it,” Conway insisted.

The back and forth continued with Conway insisting upon going to the source who stated the “Kung-Flu” remark to tell the staffer, “it’s very hurtful and unhelpful for what were all trying to do.”

Watch above, via CSPAN.

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