Kennedy Mocks McCabe Claim He Didn’t Lie to FBI: ‘You Weren’t Fired for Parking in the Handicapped Parking Spot, Were You?’


Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe refused to concede before a Senate panel that he had intentionally misled investigators in a leak investigation, motivating Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) to ask whether he had been fired for parking in the “handicapped parking spot at the FBI” or for lying.

The exchange took place during a Tuesday appearance by McCabe before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kennedy began the exchange by invoking retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was charged by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller with “willfully and knowingly” lying to the FBI.

“General Flynn’s been prosecuted for lying to the FBI,” Kennedy told McCabe. “You lied to the FBI and you aren’t being prosecuted. Don’t you think that sends the wrong message to the American people?”

McCabe said the situation had “absolutely nothing in common” with his own. “I never ever intentionally misled the FBI or the [inspector general] under any circumstances, and I think that’s probably the conclusion that the D.C. U.S. attorney’s office came to when they dismissed the two-year investigation,” McCabe said.

Kennedy delivered his retort: “I understand. But you were not fired for parking in the handicapped parking spot at the FBI, were you?” McCabe failed to reply after a pause, prompting Kennedy to continue. “You were fired for lying, were you not?”

McCabe dryly responded, “I was fired as the result of a deeply unfair and flawed I.G. investigation and I am challenging that termination in federal court.”

McCabe was fired from the bureau in March 2018 for leaking details about an investigation of the Clinton Foundation to The Wall Street Journal. A report by the Justice Department inspector general in April of that year similarly faulted McCabe, saying that at least one of his leaks “served only to advance McCabe’s personal interests and not the public interest, as required by FBI policy.”

In his time as the bureau’s deputy and acting director, McCabe also oversaw the 2017 counterintelligence investigation that resulted in a felony charge against Flynn, a former national security adviser to President Donald Trump, for allegedly misleading the FBI about his communication with Russian officials. The Justice Department dropped that charge in May, telling a court that proceedings had been “conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.”

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