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REMINDER: Trump Spox Told Fox Biz Anchor ‘We Will Not See Diseases Like Coronavirus Come Here’ Just WEEKS Ago

President Donald Trump’s 2020 national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany predicted several weeks ago that the coronavirus would not reach the United States, during an interview with Trish Regan — the Fox Business anchor who was let go after calling coverage and concern over the pandemic a “scam.”

Trump has taken a lot of criticism for his response to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially for downplaying the disease for weeks as it spread across the country. But he wasn’t the only one doing it.

As CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski pointed out on Twitter, on the same day that White House economics chief Larry Kudlow said the outbreak was “contained,” McEnany went on television to declare that the infection would never “come here” to the United States:

That was from the February 25 edition of Trish Regan Primetime, a show that would cease to exist barely a week later when the network decided to social distance itself from Regan forever.

Sadly, the coronavirus outbreak wasn’t a hoax or a scam, and the pandemic did reach the United States, where it has killed more than seven thousand Americans.

Watch the clip above via Fox Business Channel.

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