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Reporters Defend PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor After Trump Refuses to Answer Question, Takes Her Mic at Coronavirus Presser

After a White House staffer pulled the microphone away from PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and President Donald Trump declined to answer her questions — and berated her — at the coronavirus press conference Sunday evening, fellow reporters came to her defense on Twitter.

Media figures also saluted CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond for handing the microphone back over to Alcindor to complete her follow up question, which Trump then answered.

Before the microphone debacle, Trump berated Alcindor over her question, which angered the president and led him to falsely claim he never questioned whether governors need the equipment they requested to deal with the coronavirus.

“I think that a lot of things are being said that are more, I don’t think certain things will materialize, a lot of equipment is being asked for but I don’t think they’ll need.” Trump stated to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, further questioning whether governors needed as many ventilators as they were requesting.

When Alcindor asked Trump about those comments, he called her question “threatening” and refused to answer it.

CNN’s Jim Acosta billed Alcindor’s question to Trump as “fair game.”

Other reporters cheered Diamond and praised the PBS reporter’s courage to ask difficult questions at the presser.

Alcindor responded to Trump teller her “be nice” and no “be threatening,” Sunday evening:

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