Two Women Detail Drug and Sex Fueled Parties With Matt Gaetz in Interviews With CNN


Two women revealed shocking details alleging Matt Gaetz (R-FL) attended sex and drug-fueled parties with them in the past.

The Florida congressman finds himself engulfed in scandal for weeks amid accusations of sex trafficking, solicitation, and other kinds of inappropriate behavior. One of the biggest, recurring charges against Gaetz throughout the scandal is that he used cash and drugs during his interactions with younger women.

CNN reported on Wednesday that they spoke to two women who say they attended house parties that were often frequented by Gaetz and other Florida Republicans. The women said people had sex and shared drugs during these parties, and they had to obey certain rules while they were there since the men in attendance did not want their activities documented.

“The first thing some of them were asked to do was put away their cellphones,” Paula Reid said as she broke down the report on New Day. “One of the women said she saw Congressman Gaetz take a pill she believed was a recreational drug.”

The report from CNN is intertwined with the investigations into whether Gaetz and Joel Greenberg, an embattled ally of his who has reportedly been cooperating with the DOJ for months, used cash apps to pay women for sex. CNN says they reviewed the digital receipts of one woman who attended the parties between 2018 and 2019, and they found that Gaetz and Greenberg both sent her hundreds of dollars. Another woman told CNN she received money from Greenberg after some of the parties and said it was for providing sex, but she didn’t say who it was with, and she denied receiving money from Gaetz directly.

Gaetz and Greenberg are both facing accusations of carrying on a relationship with a minor, but the women who spoke to CNN say they didn’t see anyone at the parties who looked underage.

From the report:

One of the women who spoke to CNN said she did so in part because the picture of Gaetz as potentially connected to sex trafficking that has emerged in recent days does not align with what she saw. Both women said that they never saw anyone at the parties who appeared to be underage. Neither has spoken with federal investigators, they said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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