WaPo Publishes Column Calling on Cable Companies to Shut Down Fox News, Newsmax, OAN: ‘Incited Sedition’

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Washington Post columnist Max Boot is calling on cable providers to consider dropping networks including Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News.

“Anyone who cherishes our democracy should be grateful to the management of Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites for their newfound sense of social responsibility,” Boot wrote. “We should expect at least the same level of responsibility from broadcast media — and in particular from Fox News, which has the largest reach on the right.

Boot took particular aim at Fox personalities including Mark Levin, whose hour-long Life, Liberty & Levin airs each Saturday and Sunday, and Lou Dobbs, who hosts the hour-long Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business Network. Both hosts were vocal in urging President Donald Trump and his supporters to try to reverse the results of the 2020 election. He also cited a report that Ashli Babbitt, who was killed during the pro-Trump unrest in the Capitol on Jan. 6, was an “avid viewer” of Fox hosts including Tucker Carlson.

If Fox refuses to direct its hosts to moderate their rhetoric, Boot argued, “large cable companies such as Comcast and Charter Spectrum, which carry Fox News and provide much of its revenue in the form of user fees, need to step in and kick Fox News off. And if smaller competitors such as One America News and Newsmax continue to incite viewers, they, too, should be booted off.”

Voices on the left have increasingly called on cable companies to give conservative networks the boot. Alex Stamos, a former chief security officer at Facebook, echoed the sentiment in a Monday interview on CNN. “It’s really hard, because what’s happening is, people are able to seek out the information that makes them feel good,” Stamos said. “People have so much choice now. They can choose what their news sources are. They can choose what influencers they want to follow.”

“We have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences,” he added. “There are people on YouTube, for example, that have a larger audience than daytime CNN.”

Those remarks drew wide rebuke from conservatives. “There are homeless people ranting on subway platforms who have a larger audience than daytime CNN,” Ann Coulter wrote on Twitter in a message responding to the interview. “Cable Network for Censorship,” conservative author Kurt Schlichter wrote in another message, referencing the abbreviation for CNN.

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