Fox Business Anchor Maria Bartiromo Spreads Wild Conspiracy That ‘Democrats Infiltrated’ Capitol Riots By Wearing ‘MAGA Clothing’


Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo claimed that “democrats infiltrated” the Capitol building on Jan. 6 and disguised themselves by “putting on MAGA clothing.” It is not clear from where she gets this baseless conspiracy theory, which is just another in a long line of conspiracies she has recently put forth on her television shows.

Executives at Fox News insist that Bartiromo is a news anchor and not an opinion host, which given her curious support of President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of a stolen election, is a ruse called out by many. Fox News has apparently rewarded Bartiromo’s unique style of anchoring by giving her a try-out to host her own opinion program at 7 PM, which is currently titled Fox News Primetime.

The context of Bartiromo’s comments come as an estimated 25,000 National Guard troops swarm the nation’s capital to provide security for the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden just two weeks after a deadly insurrection of Trump supporters swarmed the Capitol building. Reports have surfaced that a QAnon supporting insurgent might try to infiltrate the security detail dressed as a national guard member, which Bartiromo noted before making the claim.

It is not clear what source Bartiromo is referencing in this claim. Last week, federal authorities arrested a man named John Sullivan, who captured the event—including the death of Ashli Babbit— and posted under his YouTube profile name JaydenX. Sullivan has proclaimed that he is not Antifa but a firm believer in Black Lives Matter, and has documented protests of all stripes on his YouTube presence.

Sullivan clearly appears to have had a history of progressive politics, but in the very video he captured and posted, viewers can hear him encouraging fellow insurrectionists and proclaiming “we’re going to burn this mother f*cker down.” Sullivan was arrested last week for his part in the deadly attack on the capital.

Looking at Sullivan’s digital footprint, it’s hard to make a clear assessment that he’s anything but an anarchist. It’s a stretch to call him a Democrat, as he seems more anti-establishment more than anything else, but let’s give Bartiromo the benefit of the doubt that he is a Democrat. So there is one.

However, any reasonable person that watches any videos of the attacks inside the capitol building on Jan. 6 will tell you that the vast majority of those who invaded? They were Trump supporters. They were looking to harm individuals and our democracy.

For Bartiromo to speciously blame Democrats dressed in MAGA gear? That’s shameful. It’s a lie. And it’s shocking that she is still allowed on air to spew this bullshit.

We’ve reached out to Fox Business for an explanation, and will update this piece if and when we hear back.

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