Watch Joe Biden Turn Tables on Biz Anchor: ‘You’re the Expert,’ How Many Jobs Will Corporate Tax Cuts Create?


Former Vice President and current presumptive Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden turned the tables on CNBC anchor Andrew Ross Sorkin when Sorkin asked him about repealing President Donald Trump’s corporate tax cuts, and further raising taxes.

Biden gave an extensive interview on Friday morning’s edition of Squawk Box, during which Sorkin asked about the effect of the current pandemic on his plans.

“I understand that you want to raise taxes, the question is how quickly you do that in the midst of this pandemic, and in the midst of trying to get the economy to recover,” Sorlin said.

“Nobody making under $400,000 bucks would have their taxes raised, period, bingo!” Biden replied. “Let’s get people back to work. Let’s get them to work.”

“Well what about corporations?” Sorkin asked.

“Here’s the deal, tell me how many people are investing that tax break they had in new jobs,” Biden said. “Give me your numbers, man. Come on. Let’s get real, people are hurting.”

“I absolutely understand that, I’m trying to just understand as you’re trying to balance these issues, especially when it comes to corporate taxes, how quickly you move on that given that we want to get jobs and get people back to work?” Sorkin said.

Biden again turned the tables on Sorkin, asking “What jobs have they created?” and noting that Trump would like a further tax cut for corporations.

“You tell me what you think, how many jobs that will create in the next 6 months,” Biden said. “You’re the expert, you guys, I’m not being a wise guy, I’m not trying to be like Trump, I’m not criticizing you, but really, think about it.”

“Look people need to get back to work, and the idea that they’re already talking about the president’s phrase, what was it, we have time to wait?” he continued. “I mean they’re not even going out and helping making sure that the states have the money to keep their firefighters on the job, to keep cops on the job, to keep teachers on the job, all those things that do create income and do generate growth. What are we doing?”

Watch the clip above via CNBC.

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