WATCH: Trump Literally Filled Out a Mail-In Ballot on Video in 2004, Called Dude at Polling Place ‘Scumbag’


President Donald Trump has mounted an intense and false campaign against mail-in voting, but in 2004, he was videotaped filling out a provisional ballot after visiting several polling places and calling one unidentified man a “scumbag” in the video.

CNN’s Don Lemon flagged the clip this week, after Trump floated the suggestion that the 2020 election be delayed over concerns about mail-in voting. “Don’t fall for the okey-doke!” Lemon told viewers after playing excerpts of a 2004 Access Hollywood package on Trump’s attempts to vote in person.

In the segment, then-host Billy Bush accompanied Trump to three polling locations, but each time, Trump was unable to vote. After being redirected at the first stop, Trump said “I like that location better, it’s a richer location,” which prompted the first of many giggling fits by Mr. Bush.

Trump also berated his staff on the way out, telling them to “please fucking get it right next time.”

At the second polling place, Bush joked to one voter “Your vote is one vote, his vote is a giant vote,” and Trump foreshadowed his election conspiracy obsession by pointing at a poll worker and saying “Make sure there’s no cheating here, right?”

Rebuffed again, Trump and Bush headed for a third location, where Bush intoned to the camera “If his name is not on these rolls, there will be a huge combustion in here.”

It wasn’t, so Trump declared “Well I’m going to fill out the absentee ballot.”

Trump also had an exchange with a man at the polling location whose face was blurred in the video, slapping him on the arm and saying “You didn’t do right by me. You didn’t do right by me Moe. You know that, right? You know that.”

Back in the limousine, Trump explained to Bush that “I saved that guy’s life and he forgot about it. I saved that guy’s life. He’s a scumbag, I saved his life and he forgot about it.”

He then filled out the ballot and declared “And I’ve just voted. At least you can say that trumpster doesn’t give up. Right? You got to vote.”

Back at Trump Tower, Bush shouted to a departing Trump “Donald, who’d your vote for?”

“I don’t hear a word you say,” Trump said, to a giggle from Bush that science suggests had to have forced out a little bit of pee.

As it turns out, it was an address change by Donald Trump Jr. that caused Trump’s difficulties.

Watch the clip above via Access Hollywood.

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