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After Criticism Mounts, Rubio Skips Iowa Event to Cast Senate Vote

PicMonkey CollageOne of the points of criticism that Florida Senator Marco Rubio was forced to face head-on Wednesday night regarded the percentage of missed votes that he has skipped while campaigning for the Presidency. After a hometown newspaper called for his resignation this week, even longtime Democratic Senator Harry Reid was critical of Rubio’s attendance record.

It has been reported however that Rubio has cancelled a campaign event in Iowa in order to cast a Senate vote back in Washington. The original schedule reportedly called for Rubio to attend an event at Barley’s Bar and Restaurant in Iowa in the early afternoon Friday.

The official event details page now includes the following write-up regarding the change in the Senator’s schedule:

We regret to inform you that Senator Rubio is unable to attend. Therefore, we are postponing the event until a later date. Once we have a new date we will notify you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will have Marco back in Southwest Iowa soon so he can share his vision for a New American Century.

Thank you,

Team Iowa

Fellow GOP candidate Jeb Bush challenged Rubio on the debate stage Wednesday questioning a presumed “French work week” approach to Rubio’s term as Senator.

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