Alex Jones Escalates Feud With Glenn Beck: ‘He’s A Very Evil Person’


Alex Jones continued to heighten his feud with Glenn Beck, asserting in a recent broadcast that the conservative pundit was a “very evil person.”

In case you’re just joining us, Jones, the host of InfoWars, and Beck, the captain of TheBlaze, have been waging this very public little war for some time now. During the GOP primary, both men were fierce advocates for their respective candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Both men asserted that God was on their candidate’s side, while they continued to lob increasingly irate accusations at each other.

A few weeks ago Jones said Beck was “on fire with sniveling evil,” “a prancing demon,” and a “con artist preying on people.” A few weeks prior to that, he said Beck was a “religious cult leader,” a “false prophet,” and a “cynical, twisted, weirdo.” Beck, for his part, has been more reserved, gently mocking Jones for his propensity to concoct conspiracy theories.

Anyway, with his candidate’s ascension to the party’s nomination virtually assured, Jones has gone on the war path. In a video posted Sunday, entitled “Glenn Beck is a Counterfeit Patriot,” Jones accused Beck of being “Judas Iscariot in the modern world, a true Benedict Arnold, and just the spirit of deception and true manifest evil,” saying that it was “very painful” to behold Beck.

“He is a very evil person,” Jones added. “Very evil.”

“And now you see him destroying himself,” he continued, citing the shake-ups at TheBlaze and the fact that Beck recently attended a meeting with Facebook’s leaders — “When Zuckerberg is an admitted CIA front guy!” Jones proclaimed.

“Beck is the government, Beck is the Democratic Party, Beck has always been Zuckerberg’s buddy, they’ve always been this snickering, evil team. He is a narcissistic, power-mad Satanist,” Jones said.

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You can watch the complete video above, via The Alex Jones Channel.

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