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Alex Jones Revealed to Be Long-Dead Comedian Bill Hicks; It All Makes Sense Now

You knew* this was coming sooner or later: some through-the-looking-glass soul finally argued that chronic conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is actually long-dead cult comedian Bill Hicks, a CIA plant who’s been masquerading as a Cassandra of the New World Order to obscure its even darker reality.

“This video will provide irrefutable and immutable proof that Bill Hicks was recruited by the CIA to become the controlled opposition of the mainstream media,” internet user CastleJenniferBassett intoned in a thirty-three minute video on the subject. “Bill Hicks assumed the identity of Alex Jones as he was continuously fed approved intelligence by his CIA handlers in order to create a truth movement of false hope.”

To be fair the men do share similarities, including a Texas connection; a voluble distrust of authority figures bordering, occasionally in Hicks’ case and by trade in Jones’, on paranoia; and a general pasty-white dudeness:

However they diverge in crucial spots, including being alive: Hicks died of pancreatic cancer in 1994. (And if that didn’t kill him, Bush 43 definitely would have.) Their politics, though both anti-authoritarian, are distinct as well: Hicks was much more left-leaning than Jones, though this Texas Monthly post argues that given twenty years of bitterness and Ruby Ridge Hicks could very well have slouched rightward. And there’s the fact that Hicks was funny, which Jones is not. (Presumably this is tradecraft.)

So, the argument for: if anybody did, indeed, want to discredit a set of ideas, having Alex Jones spout them would be a good way to do that. Against: if there’s any solid proof against conspiracy theories in this world, it’s that Bill Hicks was allowed to live as long as he did.

*How did you already know? False flag!

[h/t AV Club]

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