Andrew Napolitano Advises GOP to Stop ‘Smear’ of Witnesses: ‘Proofs Have Been Admitted to By the President’


Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano tore into Republican lawmakers’ current strategy dealing with impeachment, advising them against the current strategy of “to smear the process.”

“Their arguments are to smear the witnesses being interrogated in secret and to smear the process,” Napolitano, said while noting they’d be better off arguing if Trump’s behavior actually merits impeachment.

“A group of Republicans were unhappy with hearings being held behind closed doors, even though those hearings are perfectly consistent with House rules that were written by Republicans when they controlled the House,” Napolitano said on a Judge Napolitano’s Chambers video Thursday.

Napolitano went on to criticize President Donald Trump for railing against the hearings, noting the basis for the hearings have been admitted to by the president himself.

“The proofs have been admitted to by the president,” Napolitano said. “He had the phone call with the president of Ukraine, he did hold up nearly $400 million in aid … they desperately need the military equipment the president held up until the Ukrainian president could do a favor for him, and the favor was to investigate an American citizen who happened to be the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination to oppose President Trump’s re-election. None of that is in dispute.”

“The president is not going to be prosecuted on the basis of any secret evidence, the House rules prohibit that,” Napolitano said, noting the House will vote to make the evidence public “and then the president’s people will have to address this on the merits, not the process.”

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