Ari Fleischer on Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Declaration: I Would Not Have Said That

Ari Fleischer, the former press secretary for President George W. Bush, seems to think it was a bad idea for President Trump to declare “mission accomplished” after last night’s missile strikes in Syria.

Trump started off the weekend with two celebratory tweets after the U.S. military joined France and the United Kingdom in a retaliatory strike over the recent chemical attack in Douma. Trump’s tweets included the phrase “mission accomplished,” one of the most infamous political remarks of the Bush era.

Bush uttered the phrase in 2003 during a speech celebrating America’s successes in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In retrospect, however, various critics say that the speech was premature since the Iraq conflict led to a larger campaign in the Middle East, which was longer, more costly, and more deadly than the administration expected.

As such, Fletcher penned a Twitter essay about how Trump’s tweet brought up some bad political memories:

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